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Elephant Apotheke

Elephant-Apotheke as a basis

Already as students Hermine Raths and Marguerite Steiger bought the Elephant-Apotheke located at the Marktgasse 6 in the historic city center of Zürich.

The Elephant-Apotheke is the oldest drugstore of the city, first mentioned in 1575. This drugstore was the basis for the following business development of OpoPharma. After the death of the two founders, the Elephant-Apotheke was closed in late 1994  

Pioneers in the distribution of pharmaceutical products.
In 1937 Opopharma AG was founded by Hermine Raths and Marguerite Steiger, starting out as exclusive distributor in Switzerland for Organon from the Netherlands.

Steiger and Raths were Swiss pioneers in the field of pharmaceutical distribution. Over the years Opopharma AG aquired, founded and again sold a considerable number of companies. After the death of Hermine Ratz and Marguerite Steiger the OPO Foundation was established and subsequently OpoPharma Vertriebs Ag was founded for the extrapolation of the pharmaceutical core business of Opopharma AG. The OPO Foundation and Opopharma AG are no longer involved in any pharmateuical business. Opopharma Vertriebs AG is a company within the Polymed Holding Group.